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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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and to the '80s and santa rosa fairfield into livermore's well. keeping it in the '70s around the bay. there is a chance for rain in the forecast details south coming up. >> quiet start for the morning no problems or hot spots the back up is restricted to the /left hand-lanes. it is not unusual to see this at this hour. a complete text read ahead. >> top developing story the gas
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line explosion. federal investigators or on the scene right now governors schwarzenegger along with senator leland yee will tour the site. three people are still listed as missing at least four people were killed 37 homes destroyed. 19 homes were substantially damaged and remain unoccupied this morning. the 320 other homes have been cleared for families to return. authorities are searching for clues as to what caused the gas line to expose and what could be done to prevent such another disaster. >> will is live at san bruno. >> i'm in front of the command center. it feels like the day after the explosion with a lot of police officers here. they're making sure that unauthorized people do not go down the hill
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which is about half a mile from where i am located to the gas line exploded. it is allowed investigators who will be here for the next couple of days to gather evidence but more importantly at this point to go round and tried to talk to people who reportedly smelled gas before the explosion took place. they don't all of this point if it was a panel that caused the leak to-probably moments before the gas line ruptured or if it was something catastrophic that caused it to snap like a pretzel. nonetheless if you have no gas leak you have no explosion so they do know that. so far they have received 90 e-mail's from the public but only one came from a person who said they smelled gas in that area. they hope more people will come forward to tell them about vegetation possibly dying in their front lawn. at this point
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it is all charred so hopefully they saw that in the days before the explosion. that could be key clue for them to find out what happened. this is all over the neighborhood this came up over night this they came by here and is warning people are now back in their homes to be careful about unlicensed contractors because we spoke to a man yesterday he was livid. 81 year- old mom lives in the area down the hill he says some of the key man rode up the damage report on her home that was frivolous that that damage might have already been there already or was not bad enough for them to write up this big report. he told them i want you to rip up the report because if pg&e is paying damage i would rather have that money going to homes that were more severely damaged. obviously he got the attention. if you're
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back here on this morning be careful definitely do investigating. here is a spokesman right now christopher he is coming over. can you tell us any new developments in this case i know you took the key parts of the pipe back to washington dc. those phone calls and e-mail is critical. >> we will follow up on all of that. one of the reason e-mail's are critical it is important to find out if there was gas escaping before this occurred. this could help us determine how this occurred. if there was gas escaping it could've been a pinhole. versus the catastrophic rupture which would not have a gas well in advance. >> are you concerned we are six days out from the explosion and only 1 e-mail that you can say definitively from a person the
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reportedly smelled gas in that area are you concerned six, seven, eight days out that those phone calls may not comment. >> that is a possibility we will not know. that is still not what we're looking for we want reports of order before the event. >> somebody who said yes i smelled the odor and pg&e was called. >> or call 911 or whoever. we were looking for immediate sale before the explosion. >> are you worried about a fan of small people sasasasasasasasn they did not. are you doing anything to confirm that the stories check out. >> if we hear a story that we had a gas smell we will go to the conclusion. then will find out of its possible. if we have
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dead vegetation it could be dead for many reasons but one of those reasons could be a gas leak. >> is your chance that a year from now when this report is drawn up they may never know what caused this explosion >> that is a possibility there are rare events where we can't find the cause but mostly all the times we can find it to close of cause. >> did you find any estimating going on in that area any seismic activity that may have caused this pipe to rupture. >> we are looking into seismic activity. we are looking to see if there was any excavation that could happen in a pass that could cause damage to the >> >> and simply it had to be a gas leak is the gas was not leaking there would not been that explosion is that correct? >> the pipe could filled for
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damage fatigue or corrosion that would not have a previous now.s. >> coming up at 6:30 a.m. we will see if we did talk to some residents and see what they can say about the latest period and if they smelled gas are notice any dead vegetation. >> we will check back with you shortly stay with kron 4 for the very latest on december no explosion we have coverage on our web site. we will be right back as kron 4 continues. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours
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6:10 a.m. of quiet golden gate bridge right now return of hazen fog today as well. >> investigation and in san francisco as man and one man was shot and killed and another one assault did this happen around 11:00 p.m. last night in the
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2000 block in the bayview district. the man who answered the door was shot and the second man was a salted to men are in custody. >> a jockey has been terror last fall in from a horse at the golden gate fields. he is in critical but stable condition this morning in oakland at the hospital. martinez spinal cord was severed by three shattered vertebrae when they horse he was writing stumbled and fell on top of him. he is the panama made of he ranks 13th. he had a habit head injury as well believing in his lungs and a baby is due in two weeks. >> lawmakers approved a fee on all distribution. to help cover cost of troubled drinkers. the
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mayor says he will veto it. it needed a boat to survive but promised the gulf from the mayor who all in state in winery's. it would bring in about $60 million a year for an ambulance rides and l. gault related services. >> we will be back with more in a moment. chilly morning out there. walnut creek it is dark and quiet not too many cars or headlights. pretty clear in the creek. [ male announcer ] barbara boxer.
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welcome to kron 4 morning news 615 wednesday morning seen fog the settlement in this morning over the golden gate bridge in fact some of the fog producing drizzle. as we head towards the afternoon we have a warm-up getting into the 80s today a chance of rain for most areas
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over the weekend. here's a look at your satellite pictures showing us where the fog is moving in the up through the north bay through santa rosa also seen fog floating down to the south bay to san jose. we will see the fog said in a place that as we head towards 10:00 we will see lifting for the north bay and delta of keeping the fog along the peninsula and the cosigned by the afternoon we will see breaks out there sun shines and we will start to warming up 53 in san francisco 50s across the board really. we are staying cool this morning and north bay into low 50s. by the afternoon we should get to 81 for santa rosa at 84 fairfield and concord, south bay bring us eighties as well through morgan helen los gatos. keeping it in the '70s and '80s rain around the rest of the area. your 7 day around the bay
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it shows rain drops in the picture for your saturday, sunday best chance of rain in the north bay. the storm is dropping down from the south slight chance of showers through downtown san francisco on your saturday and sunday. a check on to do it with george. >> the back up that we talked about the left lanes of the bay bridge toll plaza has already disappeared usually associated with the shift change at the top of the 6:00 hour. the hotspots are problems around the bay area here's a bridge check at the san mateo bridge ride you can see its moving in both directions no problems on the west bound for the new direction 880, 92 looks good. as does the golden gate bridge ride on 101 no problems here a bit of fog near the deck but not on the deck and it won't fix the obscure your visibility or slow your ride. lastly look at interstate 80 in the west
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bound commuter a good start here no big delays or not a lot of congestion yet coming from the upper to the lower freeway. it looks good pass of 580 march. public transit looks good. >> developing story the san bruno gas explosion the three people and there remained missing. 17 year-old william his father gregory and their grandmother. yesterday we reported the name of the fourth victim killed in the explosion. the coroner confirming that information elizabeth's torres. carl was consumed by flames. her two daughters and son and law were seriously injured in the blast. >> the others confirmed dead.
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jack klee greg longtime california public utilities commission analyst jacqueline greig and her 13- in the massive blast. jacqueline worked for the commission reviewing pg&e's investment plans to upgrade its natural gas lines, including another risky section of the same pipeline within miles of her home. 20 year-old jessica was killed in the blast she was at her boyfriend's house you can see a photo of them here. her boyfriend was badly burned he remains in critical condition. >> pga meanwhile customers worried that the cost might be passed on to them. pg and pg any want it to bill customers for things like wild fires that were caused by the company. city attorneys challenging this proposal. he wanted to know if the december no gas explosion was launched into that publication as well. >> cost recovery through
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proceeding so upset. >> about a billion dollars of liability insurance those claims would be covered under. >> they wanna make sure pg any will change their mind. >> the night simpson has died from hoping kof the public health department saying the baby lived in sambar ladino county and was less than two months old. the permanent house says the epidemic is more deadly than the one in 2005. 3600 infections have been reported in california this year. >> toyota is moving to dismiss claims about accelerations. they failed to identify any defects in a vehicle's. several models
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in brake problems in the prius all the federal cases were consolidated. >> mandatory evacuation order has been sent out for residents near the canyon fire incurring county crews are working to put that fire road. it is 10 percent contained. u.s. forest service says there has been no injuries they do expect to have the fire under control by friday. >> president barack obama trying to preserve. some law makers you're raising taxes on anyone in a weak economy could be lethal. they will discuss the matter today. democrats calling for leaders to offer a bill extending the tax cuts that are due to expire at the end of the year. >> 6:21 a.m. back with more a couple of minutes. we have programing note to tell you
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about tomorrow nbc is airing the giants game. wheat at kron 4 will be carrying nbc's programming the premier of the apprentice. followed by the kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m..
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7 day around the bay forecast is the breezy chilly day out today but you can see we will gain a degree or two inland. the highs will be 83 degrees the coast remains cool. you can see the fog starts thickening up by the end of the week we bring in a chance of rain in the north bay. >> waiting for the opening bell in 5 minute stock futures pointing lower after mixed trading yesterday. federal reserve released our report on
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factory production in raised. twitter gets a face lift they are adding a new window to make it easier to book you bowed out videos and photos. amazon attacks apple ipad. the commercials are airing on tv. >> the atlantic ocean has to hurricanes. hurricane julia 125 mi. an hour winds. this is video of that hurricane from the space station. it is not expected to make landfall it should slowly we can over the next few days. hurricane igor is a category for is lost or layout in the atlantic sustained playing to win 732 mi. an hour it will hit land over bring you up on sunday
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morning forecasters say it will likely lose steam before it hits the island. there's also a tropical storm carl that could hit mexico today. >> we will be right back alive look for a san mateo bridge. dr. dart and foggy out there.
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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we are moments away from the opening bell future stock futures have been south this morning trading negative spirit are reports coming out of new york showing manufacturing was growing but not as much as investors and traders had hoped for. we had a report the federal reserve talking about industrial
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production for august rose modestly. a group for the 12th straight time in 13 months. we have mixed news for wall street to digest this morning. at this point we will start in negative territory. as we take a look at the numbers the dow it is taking a while for them to tabulate. it looks like we will start in negative territory today. we will be back with more updates in a bit. mark. >> the deadly gas explosion in december and all they are still on the scene governor schwarzenegger will tour the area was state senator leland palo alto. he will be getting an update our recovery efforts. they're searching for three people still missing for people were killed 37 homes destroyed 19 homes substantially damage
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and remain unoccupied. 320 homes have been cleared for families to return. authorities are searching for clues as to what happened. then what can be done to prevent any other possible leaks in gas lines from happening in the future. >> will tran is live with the latest on the investigation. i conceive will is there. what's happening today well? >> they're trying to track down witnesses that smelled gas in the moments before the explosion. we just got finished speaking with the national transportation safety board and one person said they smelled gas but that was a couple of weeks before the explosion. they are going around now trying to find a nail in the haystack. try and find somebody who smelled gas in the moments before the explosion took place. they may never find that person. if you are one of
6:32 am
those people give them a call because that is a key component. it is happening here on glenview drive. the command center behind me. they're driving over to milpitas station where they pomp gas to sambar neighborhood where the gas line exploded. they're going through paperwork or they're similar to a black box in milpitas which should tell them if they lost any pressure in the pipe before it exploded. they have to talk to people who walked were at that plant as well as those three documents. maybe that will reveal answers. in might not even be a leak in may be something they're ruptured right then and there like a pretzel snapping. lots of scenarios they have to go through. they are asking people give them help. along with the pipes and they are heading back to washington d.c. right now. now it is doing the legwork as
6:33 am
far as the scene is concerned. >> rain now they have no time fremont how long this will take? >> this report should take a 12-14 months it could be sooner or could take longer. there's a chance they may never know what caused the explosion they admit that. >> think you will. mark. >> first responders for the first time the public is hearing from those crews. let's listen in as they recount the frantic moments. >> my wife and i saw the explosion, i turned their hurt she looked at me and said go. i told her i would call her when i could. this fire ball this down the noise was deafening very loud. it sounded like it could of been a jet airplane engine still running. >> we had walking wounded going into our fire station when i got
6:34 am
there. we had no radio or communication. what we did was ask citizens to drive people with second-degree burns on their arms and face to the hospital. then we discovered there was no water in the hydrants. we found out the water may have been blown up by the mass is a sinking feeling to say the least. you count on the water being there. >> it was problem one of the hardest things i had to do this is like my family. the neighbor's boxer dogs you see them day in and day out. very hard to leave when i do go home to my family. i feel obligated. i feel a part of me as being left behind. >> many firefighters who were first on the scene live or grappa and sambar note so some of them a note the people they're halting. stay with kron 4 as we continue our coverage.
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latest tories and information about how you can help the victims on our web site. >> it is chilly out there this morning and soter of moist. luisa. >> we are seeing low cloud cover and fog in has settled over the bay area today however towards the afternoon we will get a warm-up today a shot of san jose currently in san jose tempters are in the '50s. upper 50s. by noon time we should get 74 high today in san jose at 77 back down to 70 by the 8:00 p.m. hour fog this morning it settled in for the north bay now looks to the south of petaluma and down in to san rafael and along the peninsula through dec. no gap. our current temperatures for the most part in the '50s. center rosa at napa all into the low 50s. in the afternoon we will see 80 is out there low 80s but
6:36 am
still '80s. santa rosa, 81 today and ran around the bay will keep temperatures in the '70s 834 rap hayward 64 for the coast. changes in store for the weekend as star system to the north of us will sag southward. that means we might get rain drops in the north bay that is your best chance. it could spread southward throughout the day. early morning sunday could bring showers to the south of the golden gate bridge. there is a slight chance for rain for the weekend not a big washout but certainly is there. temperature is not bearing much as we head through the work week. here's a check with traffic with george. >>ave be activated so we have seen a back up very much the same pattern today as we saw yesterday was
6:37 am
slowing already at the 80 the approach to the bay bridge for the west bound ride. the back up at the middle of the use parking lot. the right to the san mateo bridge still a good one no delays yet at the 92880 interchange or the west end of this band as you come off on to 92 and intersect with 101. golden gate bridge ride still good one here of fog in more evidence now as it gets lighter side. you the north end of the bridge no reports slowing traffic there or on what a great. the rest of the marine ride looks good. south bay picking camera looking at the trumbull de la cruz exit on highway 101 which is right here this north bound ride still a smooth one up into santa clara no backup for delays as you head towards to 37 pass a molecule expressway and ours great american express white. out of
6:38 am
south san jose heading to downtown is still moving well as wealth. >> we will be right back as the news continues. a look at this city i think. it is fog been this morning. watch out for low
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6:42 am
high employment will keep this day a year or more away from prosperity. personal income will grow slowly of this year but it will grow 2.2% next year. >> jerry brown will announce little al legal action in connection with bill city. they started an investigation after was learned bell had paid a regis salaries to top officials. despite one in six residents in all living in poverty. >> watching the bay bridge the back up is large. will have an
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quick check on the markets now that we are in to the trading day the dow was down 36 points trading at 10,049. there are
6:46 am
reports helping to motivate investors. our report in growing. this past month fell short so that not so good. on the flip side we heard from the fed that industrial production rose overall in august for the 12th time in 13 months. so good some bad traders wrestling to see what were born to do. we are seeing a lot of investors selling off a little bit reaping some profit that's where we see stocks were there this morning. apple, oracle, all trading in negative. more updates for the morning >> the latest on are developing story the blast in december know. today the governor are arrives governors were snyder will visit the site. he has
6:47 am
been away on state business he is back now he will get a briefing on the recovery efforts. investigators are looking into pg&e workers followed proper emergency during national transportation safety board the explosionsafety is constructing a time line would be important to find out why it took almost two hours to shot off the gas that was fueling the fireball. pg&e said the pipeline that was built in 1956 had to be shut down manually because it did not have an automatic shut off valves. >> one family was luckily enough to leave unscathed. this their house was not hurt her but it was burglarized. >> this is the rooms where people had stalled small but
6:48 am
irreplaceable. like what earrings from her grandfather. >> its accusatory but you can't put a value on that. >> they talk about the roller coaster they've been riding on since thursday's explosion. >> we are so glad to come back to our house having anxiously waited for three days. we were glad to find out our house was in good shape than all the sudden we were robbed. from there it was an awful feeling. just being on pins and needles all the time since the explosion happened waiting and then we get back to find out this happen to us it's an additional thing. it's unbelievable. >> they had birthdays and anniversaries within the last
6:49 am
month so the burglar was able to take a gift cards and gift certificates as well as dourly and small items. the thing worse than most is. fifth >> they tookamamamamam passports my in my husband's and my to children's and our social security cards appeared we had wallets left over credit cards and thinks. >> they have our identity. >> my checkbook. everything. >> the place that they have received other reports of burglaries in the neighborhood but has not like this burglary to those. >> a millbrae command has been arraigned for running off on his motorcycle just after the explosion have sent fear they were looking for potential
6:50 am
looters. when he was asked why he was in the area he sped off and ran over please officer's foot. he was arrested. he pleaded not guilty to several felony charges the remains in custody. >> sambar knows receiving donations from all over the bay area. city workers are finding themselves dealing with so much donated clothing they can't handle it all it continues to pile up. one city worker says she has never seen anything like this. >> i cannot use words to describe it is impressive and emotional. the apportioning of people coming from all over the state bring stuff in. it is incredible. >> clearly this was not anticipated. >> we didn't know there would be this much. we are overwhelmed it is unbelievable. >> to all the boxes of clothes
6:51 am
will be taken to the salvation army the organization to distribute the organ aclothing.u feel the need to donate take the close to the salvation army. we have the very latest on the investigation and also on how you can help all on our web site at kron >> the fog really thick and talking about a chance of rain this weekend. >> big changes through the weekend rate drops in the forecast for you this morning once again more fog some of the producing drizzle it looks overcasts through san jose. 57 degrees right now your high today about 77 back down to 70 by the o'clock hour. fog trucker for shows us fog in the north bay now seen pockets of it in san rosa floating around to livermore valley in the south
6:52 am
bay. certainly making itself known. getting settled in for the next hour or so then lifting towards the 8:00-9:00 hour. clearing up in the north bay than continuing to see the fog settled in the peninsula and thinning out as we head toward your 11:00 our ranks of sunshine in the afternoon and temperatures starting to warm up today opera 50s through the south bay and low 50s up in the north bay as we head into the afternoon we will break into the 80s in fairfield and santa rosa still getting into '70s through san rafael and novato. down into the south bay temperatures in the '80s and los gatos and morgan hill even through the livermore valley cds today but the weekend forecast brings a storm the drops in from the north it will bring showers best bet for the north bay. we could see showers as far south as the
6:53 am
golden gate bridge and san francisco we will keep an eye on that. >> old slow hand at the bay bridge lookit the metering lights house slowly they are taking right now. because of that traffic is backed up along the 880 and backed up beyond the 880 closer to west grand avenue for the bay bridge ride so early bay bridge back up for the west bound commute. there had been word of the of stall in the meter lanes but so what that will not affect traffic on the stand. there is no justification for slowing down the lights because the problem is before the lights not after them. nevertheless that is the case that stall has been cleared. traffic management center in you oakland. san mateo bridge no problem here an easy commute on that 92 both at age 81 01 and across the span goulding gear ride no problems here northbound
6:54 am
or southbound. sam francisco commute looks good there you see caltrans heading north in looks like some weeping trucks but not slowing traffic coming up through hospital curve. we will check on their benicia bridge 680 southbound there was a problem it could be backing up traffic. we will update that when we return. announcer ] barbara boxer. she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california.
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her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy. to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer, and i approve this message... because i want to see the words made in america again.
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6:56 a.m. the 7 day around the bay forecast inland struggling to below 80 is for the next few days and a chance of rain for the weekend. >> we will be right back as we follow the latest in a dec. no >> we will be right back as we follow the latest in a dec. no gas line explosion. hmm, do i wear hats? i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things >> we will be right back as we follow the latest in a dec. no gas line explosion. (birds chirping)
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